Disney of Dissociation

How guys approach girls

  • Rich Kid: Hey, cutie. Wanna ride in my Mustang?
  • Gangsta Kid: Damn, you fine as shit! Lemme holla!
  • Hipster Kid: ...You don't listen to Odd Future too, do you..?
  • Sexy Guy: *smiles*
  • Scene Kid: Would you be the one to hold my bleeding heart..? Cupcakes :X!
  • Swag Kid: Aye Yo, girl. You swagged the fuck out..You tryin to chill and hit them throwbacks?
  • Jock Kid: Hey there, babe! Wanna come hangout with me and my buddies? *Shiny grin*
  • Goth Kid: ....Hi..
  • Thursday, September 20th 2012 (4:04am)
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