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I don’t really get sexualities or understand the seemingly necessary numerous umbrellas for which we have to classify folks. There are an endless array of people on the planet and with that comes an unending difference in minds - I’m tired and bored and found myself looking into the differing sexualities and couldn’t really identify with one and their ‘guidelines.’ Formerly, I’ve called myself bisexual and demisexual but all things considered, I don’t really find people attractive sexually, unless I’m emotionally invested. That is to say, I can’t even desire to kiss someone without that. On my own, I’m not sexual. The idea of demi sexuality seems to be something visceral, a deep connection that can’t be explained and, IMO, for a page that is attempting to explain and designate something, that’s just not acceptable.

I’m indifferent in regards to my own sex and others. Well, that’s untrue - I have a particular desire towards a member of a particular sex but that is also because I find myself to be in love. But, on my own, I’m indifferent. I have to say relationships bring an interesting perspective on sex and gender - I believe I only began embracing ( read: no self loathing) once I got into it, as opposed to ignoring. I’ll possibly write more on this later as it is late.

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if you’re black and you fuck with iggy azalea that lets me know that you have some self-hatred issues and i will pray for you and ask God to release that demon out of your spirit



third wheeling two girls who are best friends is so much worse than third wheeling a couple

"You was my cinnamon apple!!"
a nigga who really did love u  (via nizzlekicks)